Re-enchant your life. 

Since 2004, Lolo’s Boudoir has been offering women liberation and self-discovery though photo play, writing, story salons and creative retreats. In the boudoir, you may dress up, dress down, drop the metaphorical corset, get down with the untamed, dance with your desire and meet yourself in the mirrors of your imagination. Here you are free to be who you are and wish to be(come). 

We dwell in permission, possibility and play. 

Our aim is your awakening – to your skin, your heart, your strength, your freedom. Give your inner life and symbols expression. Bring curiosity and a sense of adventure. Expect to feel, laugh, blush & take leaps.

We make art of and for you. 

Embody book launch in USA May 4th book. More info @


Embody chronicles Lone's intimate photographic encounters with women of all ages in photos and prose. Release Date March 1st. Get it here: Shop. 

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Photo Adventures

There's an art to Seeing and Being Seen. Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone and into my lens view? 

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