UNVEILED - A Contemporary female RITE OF PASSAGE 

This project is about female sovereignty and self-expression. It grew out of Lolo's Boudoir and the intimate encounters with hundreds of women who've stepped in front of my camera to heal their shames and doubts, celebrate and reclaim their bodies, and find the freedom to express their full, sensual and powerful human splendor.

The book is about photography as a rite of passage and how the body can be a portal for self-discovery and awakening - to our skin, our hearts, our truths, our aliveness. Through women's images and scenes from the studio, the book takes you into the inner lives of women and the unveiling process by which they uncover and find themselves. 


Unveiling is less about transforming, changing or becoming, more about revealing and allowing you to emerge. The You that's always been there. A You that is much more complex, creative, wise and mysterious than a static persona or image would ever afford you. A You that is alive, ever-evolving and inherently connected to everything around you.  Unveiling evokes the beauty and mystery of life, as expressed in and through our body and soul. 


Unveiled celebrates our feminine mystery and beauty. A beauty that is natural and human – not ideal and immortal; the kind of beauty that touches you, catches you off guard, perhaps even changes you, because it is honest and real. 

The Unveiled project allows women to veil and unveil as they wish, supporting them in shifting their orientation from a superficial outward search for perfection and validation to an inner orientation of self-respect and connection. It calls women into deep relationship with their own body, sexuality and authentic power, restoring reverence for the female body and being and offering a tribute, a contemporary rites of passage for all women. 


Never before has the personal been more political and we cannot talk about the female body today without also talking about ownership and freedom, safety and equal rights. 

Once, the female body was a global icon, artists revered for its beauty, allure, and incredible ability to give life. Today, it has become an object, which can be manipulated, fixed, abused, sold and stolen. Across the world the female body is being legislated about and it has become a battlefield of many kinds – religious, economic, gender, sexual, media, commerce, fashion, cosmetics, even against itself. 

This work has given us a backstage view of our image-driven society and how it impacts the way women and girls see and feel about themselves. In no small way, this battlefield has moved inside women’s minds and bodies and women have to fight tooth and nail to recover, reclaim and redefine their relationship to their body, sexuality and womanhood. 

The Unveiled project asks WHAT ARE YOU IN RELATIONSHIP TO? It engages us in the quest for a "right" honorable relationship to our bodies – how we relate to them,as divine, as flesh, as soul as well as in a collective and transpersonal sense.  

Let's re-imagine ourselves - let's start A NEW INTIMATE CONVERSATION 

Let us engage an intimate conversation about (female) sovereignty that transcends the gender, economic and class paradigms that have held us captured in limited narratives, self images and possible futures, and explore the unwritten path of women (and men) of today and tomorrow.