Lone Mørch is Delighted To Give Intimate, Inspirational Talks To Your Group, Book Club, Organization Etc. In Person Or Online. 

Based upon her books, work and life experiences, she talk about wanderlust, following the muse, fear and freedom and how to navigate thresholds and change in a chaotic world. She in particular sheds new light upon body, beauty and being a woman, the art of seeing and being seen, and the nature of the female hero's journey today. 

My talks are intimate, liberating, inspiring; I get up close and under the skin. 

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Current Topics:

Woman, See Your Self In New Light! On Body, Beauty, Battle and sensuality.

Everyone longs to be seen, truly, honestly, so why are we so afraid of seeing ourselves? As a photographer of women for many years, I see women's struggle to unveil before the camera and the transformation that happens when we do. In this Talk & Presentation I take you on a journey into our intimate photographic encounters, sharing what we uncovered, discovered and transformed in the process.

Some of the questions I discuss: What are we hiding behind? Why is it so difficult to be (honest with) ourselves? How do we relate to our bodies? Who owns the body? What does a liberated female sensuality look and feel like today? When does nudity empower and disempower? What is beauty? How do we recover our aliveness and feminine mystique? Why is it important? 

I will shed light upon the camera's catalytic therapeutic powers, the dance between image and authenticity, body, battle and beauty, sensuality and liberated self-expression, in times where women tend to disconnect from their life force and soul, and the body has become an object to be controlled, abused, improved, manipulated and sell anything really. 

I wish to show how we can dismantled false and outdated self-images and create new alive images of ourselves to embody and step into. 

The Journey To Inner Freedom: Navigating Life's Thresholds. 

What happens when we are at a crossroad? Do we run, hide, race toward it in reckless abandon? Do we contract into confusion, begin living in doubt, in fear? Change comes to us throughout life, sometimes forcing us to leap, other times inviting us into a "pregnant pause". The invitation is always to break out of the old, rediscover the intelligence of your heart's desire, and create beauty out of the rubble.

As woman, adventuress and creative spirit driven by curiosity and freedom, I've lived and worked in various capacities and countries, and in this talk and presentation, I speak about the many facets of freedom and how to use freedom as your compass. I will take you on a journey from the birth of my wanderlust in Scotland, through falling in love with Nepal, the pursuit of the America Dream, and finally, the long walk back to my Nordic roots, each culture and phase presenting me with lessons, losses and gifts. I discuss life’s crossroads, and what we can learn by adopting freedom, curiosity and "I don't know" as our practice in life. 

The talk unfolds the facets and paradoxes of freedom, and encourages us to honor our authentic self and the mystery of life, while offering inspiration and tools to invite discovery at any age to support and enrich times of change.

The Red Shoes: A MODERN Rite Of Passage For Women Today. 

We want it all. Whether it's the glossy picture ideal of a successful life, the perfect house, husband, body, sexl life, spirituality, mindset – we improve and optimize ourselves and our lives like never before. But it has its costs. We feel it. We are stressed out, fragmented, disconnected from ourselves, our hearts, bodies and life source. Many of us walk around feeling inauthentic in our perfectly busy lives. It's as if life is too tight or the form it has taken no longer fits or can even contain the inner yearning for something else and other. Still, do we dare get off the hamster wheel? What is on the other side? 

What do you do when your soul invites or pushes you into a new journey? Do you run the other way, stick your head in the ground or do you heed the call, because you know, deep down, the pain of not acting on your desire is getting more intense than the pain of pretending? 

Based upon H.C. Andersen's fairytale The Red Shoes, my own journey as told in my memoir Seeing Red: A Woman's Quest for Truth, Power and The Scared (She Writes Press 2012), and my intimate photographic encounters with about 1000 women in all ages and stages of life, I speak about women's awakening and journey back home to themselves. 

In my book Seeing Book I speak honestly and naked about my meeting with a holy mountain in Tibet, the longing for a more divine and feminine way of being in a rather masculine world, and how I as a very independent seemingly courageous woman managed, still, to give over, ignore, divert and surrender my personal power in the meeting with men, authority, sex and love. 

The female journey is different than described by myth, men and gurus through time. It's not about transcendence and escaping the human mess and flesh. Rather, it goes through the body, the scars, the traumas, rage, longings and desires.  It's not pretty. It's not easily digestible. It certainly doesn't align into seven neat steps. In short, there's no 101 to your awakening, your life, your path. Often when you think you're done, and have reached your destination, the real journey begins. 

I take you on a deep, wild journey through countries, mountains, men, deities, love, rage, passion and the body and offer my insights and inspirations on why this journey is important for women today, and how you can use rite of passage to find your way back to a life that's authentic, alive and worthy of unique-you. This talk is for women in all ages and stages, and courageous men are most welcome. 

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Folkevirke himmerland, Farsø Hotel, February 18, 2015

Best talks of the year that made a difference was with Cand. Scient. Adm. Lone Mørch. She spoke about the inner and outer journey to freedom through Europe, Asia and America. We learned about a life that has given her a deep sense of personal freedom and understanding of culture’s influence on female identity. She held our attention for two hours, and we were taken by her gentle ways of talking about life in Tibet, cultural difference between countries, and her Danish identity she couldn’t escape. Though her life has been built on blood, sweat and tears, she stands as a joyous, radiant person who believes in and is at peace with herself. Lone gave us an experience and insights into her fine and strong opinions about the many facets of life. The talk directs itself to two generations, men and women. It was an afternoon where life attains new meaning; I wasn’t the same after it. –Karen Pihlkjær, Director of Folkevirke Vesthimmerland, Denmark

Tantalizing Travel Tales, Mill Valley Public Library, USA November 3, 2015

Lone oozes the divine feminine. She had the entire audience enraptured, young and old, male and female, each lapping up her delicious tale of wanderlust and longing. ~ Jayme Moye, adventure journalist, named the “Travel Writer of 2014” by North American Travel Journalists Association

KVINDELOGEN, Copenhagen,  Soulhouse, April 29, 2016

Lone Mørch inspires and invites us to see the beauty, the nuanced and the not-yet-seen with her talk “Woman, See Your Self!” She’s an authentic, intimate and lively speaker. With photos and words she places women and women’s self-images in a new motivating light.  ~ Kvindelogen by Amanda Lagoni and Mie Molkte, Soulhouse, Copenhagen. 

Women's Week, Horsens ByTorv, May 6, 2016 

Lone Mørch speaks about finding women's inner self and soul before the camera in a passionate and touching wayand how women in all ages and stages can reclaim their body, power and sensuality.   ~ Tanja Fievé Eskesen

Lone visited us for our Women’s Week in Horsens. Her open and honest talk about her experience of photographing women from around the world was deeply fascinating. It was thrilling to hear about the women’s, their stories, and then see it expressed in beautiful, authentic photos. The journey Lone begins with each women proved rewarding and transcendent, for both Lone, the women and us who were invited along to listen and see.  To dare take the leap and be seen, by Lone, by oneself, was a real eye-opener. A lovely, life affirming and beautiful Talk and presentation. –Birgit Fogh Kofoed, bytorvHORSENS.

Lone is not just a photographer, she’s an artist with a big mission: she wants to liberate people from the artificial layers we hide behind. She made an extraordinary body of work with her wonderful, profound and sensual book, Unveiled. And she is a woman worth following: she will undoubtedly continue to surprise us, show us, remind us and love us with her camera, her words, her energy and wisdom. I had the privilege to work with her, and I’m only beginning to understand the impact a creative playdate with her has. My warmest recommendations. ~ Kirsten Stendevad author, speaker and 21st century leadership mentor.