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Model Society Magazine feature, June 2016 


Musings on my intimate work with women and creative process on Quantum Creativity Youtube Channel.  

Author spot light on JenningsWire: About Personal Power and How to Find It.

Wise Women Wednesdays at Unabashedly Female with Julie Daley talking about Seeing Red and the creative life

In the Divine Feminine Spotlight at Transformation Goddess with Shann Vander Leek

On Freedom Radio, talking about the memoir, Seeing Red and the path to inner liberation.


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Unveiled, Bella Mia Magazine (page 103 issue), August 2015

Guest Blogging on Owning Pink, by Lissa Rankin, Mind over Medicine, The Fear Cure. 

No more sexy facts about sex, please. Awakening Women. 

In the Flairist:  What Makes Me Feel Alive

On Rebelle Society:  Redefining Sensuality with Nude Photography

Lone talks about living in an inspired way at The Inspired Way. Download the ebook and get inspired.

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Cosmopolitan – Boudoir Photography, it’s for you, too?

Though boudoir photography has become an increasingly hot gift women give to their fiancés and husbands, a lot of women are doing these shoots for themselves. Here, you’ll meet incredible–and gorgeous—women who stripped down for reasons that had nothing to do with romance. The result? Amazing photos they’ll cherish forever. By Natasha Burton. Two of my lovely clients are featured in the slide show. 


Need I say, I feel honored to have photographed Mike and Britt’s beautiful wedding? Here a few photos from Instyle Wedding edition. Click image for views.

East Bay Express

My work with women was featured in East Bay Express for their Valentine sexy issue. While the focus was on women wanting to feel sexy and empowered, and happily be retouched into perfection, I think I managed to speak to the value of being real and expressing yourself more authentically in photos, without the need to ‘be fixed.' I was cited for things I would never say to a client, but hey, any press is good press, as they say in America.

Femina 2011 ~ Frihed til at være dig selv

“Freedom to be your self. Lone Mørch photographs naked women. Not for sex and seduction. She photographs women without clothes on to show their femininity and sensuality – just like they are, when no one else is watching. In Lolo’s Boudoir it is about freedom and beauty and the right to be the one that you are. Here, it is the dream about themselves many women seek.”

Photographers Magazine

Lone Mørch is known for her images of understated eroticism and mystery. “I’m a voyeur,” she says. “I want to see you in your private space.” Her largely intuitive approach is to create a safe space for exploring “who we are as women,” she says. “It’s me dancing with my subjects, bringing them out, finding a place where they allow me to see them.” Kate Watson

Untapped Cities

She calls herself a “Sherpa of freedom,” and her mission is to liberate the self from self-imposed shackles of preconceived notions, past history, and fear. Gentlemen, step aside. Lone Morch is calling upon the ladies to live their secret dreams, to fall in love with their bodies, and to reawaken their spirits in front of her camera lens. Lone … promises that if you come willingly, she will take you on a journey, where you are the heroine of your fantasy story. It is a collaborative process, one in which Lone coaches and converses with you. She moves you from a place of hesitation or fear to freedom. Drawing from her own experiences with other women and her own life’s struggles, she guides you through shared doubts and insecurities so you can tap into your hidden true self. It is hard to describe Lone’s area of expertise or the specifics of her services. She’s not an impartial second person snapping photos, balancing light, shadow, shape and line. She seeks to photograph the hidden soul through the physical form and professes to have the ability to bring the secret self to the surface of one’s expression, whether it be a smile or a completely nude pose.”

I am A Voyeur by Tine Bernard, Modern Love

Part of the reason her clientele continues to grow is that her work doesn’t emulate media and fashion’s beauty formulas for ‘sexy’. Her photographs reflect a timeless romance, sweet calm and sensuousness. “There’s also play, ambiguity and a lot of subtle eroticism. “Anyone with a good dose of self-respect wouldn’t want to be reduced to tits and ass! With the stereotypes and fashion and body imagine madness, the mystery has been beaten out of women.” But she wants to help others regain that mystique. “Lolo’s Boudoir is flamboyant, an honest space where we peel away the veneer to get to what’s real and true. The beauty and the beast. The sweet and the primal.” That’s why Morch doesn’t always play it safe. “Assertive, powerful, elegant, sassy, bold, feral, dangerous, seductive, in rapture, naked, timid, vulnerable, sensitive, contemplative, divine, geeky. I want to show what a woman is like when she’s off the hook, when no one’s watching.” As for our fear of being seen, of being compared in ‘beauty courtrooms,’ Morch believes we all want to be ‘witnessed’ in order to “ begin to see ourselves more fully.”

Daily Candy ~ In the bedroom

Find your inner (and outer) beauty with a black-and-white photo session at Lolo’s Boudoir, photographer Lone Mørch’s sanctuary of all things sensual. Tap into your inner Doris Day, lusty librarian, or saucy senorita. Or just wear your birthday suit on a sheepskin rug. Gift certificates are a lovely way to say every inch of you is delicious.

San Francisco Chronicle ~ Photo Play by Sylvia Rubenstein

Think of it as the equivalent of a very fast little car. A sexy treat, a luxurious indulgence. Morch’s studio, set up in a barnlike shed next to her house, is like something out of “Desperate Housewives” — colorful, flamboyant, sexy, playful, a bit over the top.  A hot pink chiffon peignoir with marabou trim hangs from a clothes rack along with fur coats, pretty beaded dresses, slips, more froufrou nightgowns and silky robes. Upstairs, a handsome embossed leather riding saddle, chaps and a cowboy hat await. Sitting on a table are a pair of bright-red Everlast boxing gloves. Boxing gloves? “Those are icebreakers,” Morch says. This attitude is cultural. She’s from Denmark, after all, a country well known for its tolerance and acceptance of all things sexual. 

Kiwi ~ Do I dare to be beautiful?

With the help of ambient photos Lone captures the beautiful, sensual and feminine that most women can’t seem to see in themselves. “Many women have a hard time accepting what they look like. Even the most lovely women don’t always know what it is like to be sensual. With my camera I catches those little moments of sensuality to reflect back to women their unique expression of sensuality. Kiwi meets Lone when she’s visiting in Denmark. Meeting an engaged and sympathetic woman quickly makes me pack away my prejudice about sleaze bikini-photos and photographers. Lone’s clients also don’t fit the prejudice about that only confident babes bare themselves in front of a camera. “I see two main types of women. The first is a woman who’s finally come to some accept of her self and how she looks, who wants it captured, and the other woman comes because she wants to change her self perception and image.”

BT ~ Your Inner Diva, by Lotte Krull

“Shut up, I’m beautiful” was her first reaction when she saw her photos. When I feel fat and ugly, I pick up my photo album,” Maria Bruun Fanø, a client of Lone. A visit in Lolo’s Boudoir transformed her perception of herself. “I didn’t feel fantastic about my body when I hired Lone, but I knew from her website, if anyone could make a woman look good on film it would be her.” “Lone guided me well. She talks a lot to create a relaxed atmosphere and I felt very safe, also with the way she was “looking” at me through her lens. It surprised me that I felt so calm and good while I was being photographed, even being naked. My husband and I were so happy with the photos we put the album out during our wedding party.”

Primetime ~ No More Bullshit

“I like to work with women who are in their 40s and 50s. Their sentiment is more like “no more bullshit.”  They have experience, know themselves better and what they want and also that time and energy is little, so they choose more carefully how and with whom they spend it,” Lone tells “Many have gone through big transformations in career, relationship and been up close with death in t heir surroundings. This of course affects their sensuality. They need to express themselves more authentically, as who they really are, and with experience also comes a sense of freedom. It doesn’t mean they are not self-conscious about cellulite and wrinkles, but they also know “If not now, when?” When we are less image fixated, we become aware of the many qualities and sides we have to play with and use in various situations. We could stand to play a little more in our lives, I think.”

Femina 2008 ~ I am also shy!

“If you could learn learn to look at photos of yourself in all kinds of situations and accept what you see – I believe many things will become easier. So many of us have a hard time going into the world with a feeling that we are who we’re supposed to be. At the same time we also land in our bodies with that deep sensual connection to ourselves once in a while, and when we go into the world like this, a lot happens and you’re in the flow, much more alive. This feeling I would like to give to my clients,” says Lone Morch, whose educated at Cand. Scient. Adm at Aalborg University and only by a lot of coincidences discovered that she were able to do something very special with a camera.

7×7 Magazine San Francisco ~ True Romance

For those who harbor pinup fantasies but fear the Jenna Jameson sleaze factor, Denmark native Lone Mørch is the lenswoman you’ve been waiting for. The Sausalito-based boudoir photographer turns ordinary women’s sensual curiosities into beautifully documented reality-sans the Glamour shots cheese.

Q Magazine ~ She transforms you to a Sensual Goddess

“We women need to see that sensuality and femininity can be expressed in other ways than Playboy photos. Sensuality is ore than lace and lingerie, and this I want to show in my photos… My photo sessions are a mix of art, play and therapy, and have more to do with giving a woman a sense of confidence and sensuality than vanity and sex. I function like a filter through which women can see themselves.. If women think they look too fat or old, I show them how beautiful they are, regardless. Together we find the places where they shine.”

Editorial for Sensuality News ~ Can We Talk?

Women hold the power to rise like phoenixes from the ashes of the falling patriarchy and create a harmonious world of people, plants, animals, stars and gods. Many of us are busy getting on that train and doing our part, self included. Yet on the other hand, we are still caught in the battle with body, beauty, self-worth and -trust issues. Bombarded by media, ads and fashion, we spend billions on beauty – diets, botox, fashion – in the name of attractiveness, because in our world “fuckability” equals success. Sex sells all around. Meanwhile, we self-help and workshop junkie ourselves to exhaustion and most of us find that at the end of the day, the books, the 10-step programs, the momentary high of workshops intimacy and revelations does little for our deepest self-love and self-trust issues. We still have to face the woman in the mirror as who we are. As long as we believe she needs fixing, we’re stuck in the proverbial rut. It’s a die hard old story.

Editorial for Huffington Post ~ Forget Perfect

After five years of looking at women through the camera lens, reflecting their personality and beauty back to them in a series of portraits, I’ve finally learned that perfection is boring, and it doesn’t exist. No body, no face, is symmetrically perfect. In fact, it’s the imperfection that gives the physical image personality and expressiveness. Imagine for a moment “fixing” Meryl Streep’s nose? She would loose her charm and trademark beauty immediately. True beauty is to be found in our imperfections, in our daring to be real.

I am learning that beauty has to do with a feeling. I don’t always look beautiful, but there are moments where I feel beautiful. Mostly, when I’ve taken time to tend to my inner and outer self and savor the world around me with all of my senses. Simply said, you may look fantastic in your newest dress, but if you don’t feel beautiful inside, it won’t matter. As cliché’ as it may sound, the truth is that beauty comes from within from self-appreciation, love and acceptance. We are all worthy of celebration.