Dare to see & be seen

A Visual Rite Of Passage

Tap into your imagination and rekindle your sensual, creative wisdom and power – it's a delicious place to live and express from. I have helped thousand women get there. Whether to celebrate, heal, liberate or otherwise step into your own light and visibility, we unfold your feminine self and capture your body, being and beauty in artistic light.

This is what I love:

To give you the chance to see and be seen in your own light. To capture your depth and your multitudes. To meet you, so that you can meet yourself. To go on a creative adventure into your inner and outer world. To make art of you.  

About the process:

Is collaborative, intuitive and experimental. Creative license. Customized to your personality, dreams, needs. We draw on your inspirations, dreams, symbols, archetypes, female passages and set new stories and visions in motion. No cookie-cutter sets, posing manuals or rush. We talk, laugh, experiment. And trust the process. Having photographed a 1000 people, I know by heart, we will create lasting magic beyond, what we can plan and practice. 

Your experience will be:

Fun. Liberating. Adventurous. Nourishing. A visual rite of passage. Imbuing the thresholds and milestones of your life with personal meaning. Expect to feel beautiful and freely express yourself in ways you’ve not done before. Leave more awakened, more confident in your skin, with an upgraded vision of yourself with photos to prove it. I meet you where you are and take you where you want to be.

Included in your session:

Preparation: we get to know each other, bounce ideas and set you up with plenty of tips and inspiration. 

Photographing: 2 - 5 hours in a studio, on location and/or outdoors. As many outfits, looks and ideas we can do within the package chosen.

Photo Edit & Delivery: Images shared electronically within 2-3 weeks. Choose your favorites in digital and art prints. I offer elegantly designed artisan albums and storybooks to present and keep your portraits beautiful for a lifetime. 

Let us make your dream come true. We start with an informal chat. 

Email for details: lone@lonemorch.com //  Schedule free consultation https://lonemorch.acuityscheduling.com/

I also photograph couples, maternity, professionals and creatives. More information here. 



Thank you for making me realize how beautiful I am. –Wenia

I walked away feeling so enlightened and confident. —K.B.

Lone has captured the intangible moments of our lives. So alive, they are surreal. – Mike Dirnt, Green Day
She is not only talented, but also a deeply empathic person interested in who her subjects are. That gives a depth to her artistry that you’d be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. — C. Baik

Lone's sensitivity and openness draws you into the moment and puts you at immediate ease.  —K. Gehret

Behind decades of shame, self doubt and hiding, the photo session was like a Goddess initiation; a beautiful, playful process of spontaneity and mystery and Lone’s gift for invoking the true feminine within. —Michelle

A shoot with Lone is not something you do just to get a beautiful end-product, it is part of your soul journey and where that takes you. –Heather Skye

She encourages you to let yourself feel vulnerable, playful, precocious & makes it safe to be who you want to be. –K.G.

You help us reconnect with ourselves. Those of us who are lost, are found, those broken, healed, those fearful, find courage, and those of us who feel we are unworthy, learn to love ourselves again. I will never be the same. –Angel Miller
The reverence Lone holds for her subjects is reflected in our eyes. With Lone, I was able to drop to a depth within my own being that I have never gone to before in front of a camera.  – Susan Williams, Artist
Lone made me remember howto play again. –Racquel
My partner absolutely adores the pictures, says it's the best, most thoughtful gift he's ever received. –R.R.