A Sensual Rite Of Passage

Photo Adventures That Transforms, Liberates And Inspires... 

Tap into your imagination and rekindle your sensual, creative wisdom and power – it's a delicious place to live and express from. I have helped thousand women get there.

Whether to celebrate, heal, liberate or otherwise step into your own light and visibility, we unfold your feminine self and capture your body, being and beauty in artistic light. We draw on your inspirations, dreams, symbols, archetypes, themes, female passages and more. Metamorphosis is inevitable. A new story, a new you emerges from the shadows. Ready to step into my lens view?

Your Experience includes:

My sessions are tailored to your needs, dreams and personality. My approach is intuitive, explorative and playful. Seeing to me is feeling and in my hands, the camera becomes a catalyst for your authentic, liberated presence. Magic is involved. And spontaneity. And light. In short, we make art of, with and for you! 

Preparation: We talk, get to know each other, clarify your vision, explore style, story, core feelings, make mood board.

Planning:  We plan your photo adventure, including finding the best locations, timing, we may also discuss clothing, styling & props needed to make this your perfect experience. I hold your hand throughout. We photograph at your home, outside, rental locations or where ever we need to go to fulfill your fantasy. Additional coaching available as you need. 

Session: We dive in together, play, create, experiment and discover your inner and outer beauty. No cookie-cutter. No rush. 

Follow Up: You receive your photos, you select your favorites, for album, for your walls. I offer my editing eye as you wish, and ensure your final prints are high quality, as lovely as you. 

You receive: the experience with guidance all the way, a digital archive of all photo files, and 20 4x6 prints of your choice for album or an 11x14 print for the wall.

Let us chat. Let us make your dream come true. 

Choose digital or film. Pay in full unless otherwise agreed. Taxes apply. Makeup, location rental, travel not included. Negatives, artisan prints + albums available. 


Lone Mørch also offers photo adventures for couples, pregnancies, families, professionals and creatives. Learn more about her fine art photography here.