Hidden Aspects

My original idea of having a photo shoot came about when a long time unfulfilled love story started to become true.

I thought I would gift my love with a nice album for his fiftieth birthday, in which I wanted to capture the essence of our relationship from the beginning and visually tell him about my past and present feelings. I wanted him to know how my unmet longings in the past had left me feeling unhappy, hurt, and powerless. 

But the photos turned out to be a lot more than a mere gift for him. I realized that they were actually about me and for me. Being photographed stirred many old hurts and reminded me of times when I have been humiliated, overlooked, rejected and betrayed.  During the shoot, it became clear for me how profoundly these hurts affected me, making me unwittingly defensive and closed to life in many ways.

In my search for a photographer, who could capture the essence of my story and have it portrayed on pictures, I came across Lone and immediately felt the connection and resonated with her work.  I sensed that she would create something special and extraordinary.  And as it turned out, my intuition has not led me astray. 

Our two-day shoot was truly a wonderful and magical experience - a real inner journey, which allowed me to express deeply hidden aspects of myself. The photos are a reflection of an important process occurring within me, and they are helping me to discover where I may have perpetuated my own wounds.

The photo session with Lone let me leave behind many years of shame, self-blame, feelings of inadequacy and insecurity, and it allowed me to come out of the self-inflicted prison where I had been hiding for many years.  It helped me to regain my personal power and get in touch with the wild woman inside of me.

As unpleasant as first it felt being naked in front of the camera, it was as powerful. Nudity is honesty and purity. As it lets you get in touch with your core essence and understand who you really are, you become empowered.  I can only recommend it to each and every woman who wants to get in touch with her core essence and wants to unleash her inner goddess.  ~ LL


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