Part of My Soul Journey

Guest Story by Heather Skye

I was called to do a shoot with Lone, it felt to be an important step along my journey of healing and embodiment.  What she offered felt like something special and out of the ordinary, an experience that would help create an opening and allow a new perspective to take root and bloom.  

I arrived with a myriad of hopes and apprehensions, and physical difficulties from long standing illness that posed challenges to my doing the shoot. But when I reached the forest, I tried to just let that all go, and allow the unfolding experience to tell me why I was really there, and what it was here to do for me.

Working (playing) with Lone – someone very embracing who sees the beauty I have difficulty seeing in myself – I felt at ease to just be present there in the moment.  

It became a space to experiment being in my body in a new way, with a new attitude and possibilities.  Being naked among the trees quickly came to feel quite natural (apart from the cold!), and the process of photographing different aspects felt like an act of storytelling from my inner self. 

I came there that morning hoping that Lone would capture something I was craving to see and feel, something my harshly judgmental eyes despair of seeing… my own beauty and grace.  

And I also longed to connect deeper with enchanted parts of myself that had gotten lost long ago.  

Places within that are expressions of the magical Feminine Soul, that are always whispering in our hearts and dreams, wanting to emerge and be expressed - the wood nymph and mermaid, wild woman and gypsy, moon priestess and elven queen.  

In this modern world, the connection to our mythic facets has become lost, hidden, and unsupported…

... but Nature, and the ancient knowing in my body, is always trying to call me back to the old ways, to my wild roots of primal innocence, and my true enchanted self.  

Looking at these images, I feel like this shoot was a beautiful step in expressing more of my true essence, and it’s wonderful to have that captured for me to see.

Now a couple months later, I’m still digesting the whole experience… it was multi-layered, and continues to unfold in subtle (and not so subtle) ways.  

Seeing myself in Lone’s photos has been part of my ongoing process of facing and transforming my deep rooted body-image issues. 

And also stepping out and being seen ‘in public’ through the showing of these photos has been positively affirming as well as triggering. I can feel at times confident or exposed, beautiful or unworthy… and I have to pause and look again, and allow space for a new story to emerge of who I think I am and what I need to be. 

My journey with self-image continues, but I am softening…

These photos have helped me see more beauty in myself, feel more inspired, get better in touch with the places within that want to be embodied, and feel my true self more clearly. 

A photo shoot with Lone is not something you do just to get a beautiful end-product, it is part of your soul journey and where that takes you.