Take the Risk Today...

You Never Know What Tomorrow Brings.

“I first found out about Lone about a year ago when my girlfriend and I were still students. We thought this would be a great idea. As she put it “We aren’t getting any younger or any skinnier- we should document this amazing time in our lives!” But, as so often happens, life got busy and money got tight and we kept putting off doing our photo shoot thinking there would always be more time and money later on.

Then, six months ago, the unthinkable happened. My girlfriend was killed in a car accident and I suddenly found myself alone. And not just alone, but with a completely different life than I ever thought I would have. After some time passed, I started thinking about getting in touch with Lone again, this time just for me.

Losing the love of your life really puts things in perspective: there won’t always be more time. If there’s something you want to do for yourself, you need to make it happen. We are not promised tomorrow. As painful a realization as this has been, it’s also been incredibly freeing to live my life more in the moment.

My photo shoot with Lone was such an expression of the woman I have become: strong, independent, capable of going on even in the face of so much sadness. I wanted my pictures to capture this incredibly eye-opening time in my life, and to be a tribute to the love we shared and the new love I have for myself.

The day we took the pictures was amazing. It was nerve-wracking at first to feel so vulnerable, but Lone made the whole experience so fun and creative! I think it was exactly what I needed to get out of my comfort zone and pay tribute to the fragile beauty that is rising from the ashes of my loss. I am so glad I took this risk, not only because I’m not getting any younger or skinner, but because we never know what tomorrow may bring.” ~Katherine