Opening up to My Sexuality

In many ways, I have been a late bloomer in life. After spending a lot of time on my own, at long last I met a wonderful man. There was something really special about him and our connection and though our beginning had bumps, I really wanted to move through my resistance, insecurities and fears to open to this relationship.

Ted is the most erotic and the most expressive lover I’ve ever been with and has challenged me to open up to deeper dimensions of my sexuality—and to come to terms with my shadow side: timidity, shame and fears about letting go of control.

For Ted’s birthday, I wanted to surprise him with a sexy gift. I searched online for boudoir photographers and when I saw Lone’s website, I was dazzled by her beautiful and moving work. The photos were so real, so artistic and so powerful!

I felt a bit nervous but went ahead and booked my appointment with her. The experience was incredibly empowering—and the beginning of an amazing, unfolding journey of opening to my sexuality.

My boyfriend was blown away with the gift book I gave him of my photo session. I even had leftover photographs to surprise him with a small handmade book for Valentine’s Day and two framed images for our one-year anniversary.

I’d love to do another session with Lone! I’m curious to dive deeper into the liberating play she and her camera so generously offer.