My Sacred Roadmap

Miss Tres is a wonderful example of a woman who courageously chooses joy in her life. She is also a creative soul who draws erotic self-portraits as part of ‘claiming’ her sexuality. I was so inspired when she shared her sweet, sexy note book with me, and grateful that she’ll share some of her reflections, photos and drawings with you…

As she tells it:

The day began with costumes and inspiration along with a warm connection with Lone. I yearned to have this photo-play session and I was now ready to celebrate myself with this sublime gift. Thus begun the sacred play of exploring through the costumes and various stages of nudity.

We organized the outfits and ideas to show the different sides to my personality, nude on crisp white sheets with a playful sleepy smile show my relaxed I-am-at-one with my raw and natural self. The scenes with the hat and boots speak to my sexy and powerful energy, one that I like to cultivate with my partner, my friends, and even strangers at times.


I brought along some Spanish elements such as a piano shawl, big flower and even castanets to celebrate my heritage and also my newfound love of Flamenco, and love the deep and dark side that these images portray of my feminine powerful strength and serious side. The element of expressive play in my life are sacred to me and are an important part of sharing my whimsy and creativity with those around me, I truly feel that how I look, act, dress, and play is my gift to the world.


Another element of creative play is my collection of erotic self-portraits. I brought my pen and ink drawings to share with Lone. These sketches have helped me reflect on my view of my intimate self. I shared how important these amusing drawings have been to my own journey of self-discovery and -celebration. I love these sketches and have encouraged many others to try doing their own.

We had a wonderful day of exploring and showing my many moods to my new friend, Lone’s camera. I was thrilled to see the prints last Friday, and was in awe of how beautiful I looked and felt in these glimpses into my soul. I was amazed at the depth of character shown by my lovingly aging form, which seemed to be a The Womanly Road-map of my lively and vital self. I found warmth and admiration at seeing my fleshy parts spilling out onto the dreamy setting of Lolo’s Boudoir, a day that I will never forget.