Milestone Tribute to Self

It was once mentioned that a birthday which ends in zero always is a bad thing for the celebrant. I guess it is a bit of a milestone. But then again, it’s also been said that the 40′s are now the next 30′s but still no matter what anyone says or how you spin it, women and aging just don’t seem to go well together…sigh.

Here I was months before my birthday and dreading the day. You see, turning 40 did not sound appealing to me at all. I began thinking what have I accomplished up to this point in my life and how will I remember myself at this age years down the road. I was overwhelmed of all that I had accomplished once I actually took a deep breath and took the time to look back. A college education, two wonderful teenagers, a great career, a home taken care of by my own two hands and an abundance of friends who are always there for me no matter what. I also pondered on the negatives but those I pushed aside quickly. I wanted to only remember the positive and the goodness. I try not to dwell on the negative other than to learn from it and grow and I certainly have done a lot of growing in my time.

Next it was the decision of what to do to celebrate this milestone. Do I want a big party with all of my friends, family and acquaintances or do I want to run away and rejuvenate and reflect? The idea of running away quickly faded because I knew I wanted nothing more than to be with my family and close friends. Even with this big decision out of the way, something was still missing but I couldn’t quite pin it down. I have worked so hard all of my life to keep in shape and live a healthy lifestyle. Somehow, someway, I want to remember this age, how I feel today and how I look and capture this moment in time and the woman I have become despite all the ups and downs life has thrown my way. A woman who’s strong but still delicate, independent yet open minded, successful and mature but still sexy and fun. What better way to capture this image, this moment in time, than to document it with a few photographs done professionally. I wanted these images to capture my playful side, in a classy, non-sleazy way. The idea was intriguing and in fact made me giggle inside.

I began to frantically search on line for someone qualified to do this. I had no idea what I wanted exactly but as I continued my search ideas where popping in my head. Boudoir photography caught my attention and seemed to be the right fit for what I wanted to capture. My search continued and I went through literally hundreds of portfolios. I have to admit there were a lot that made me feel uneasy. The color photos were striking but felt too revealing. I wanted these to be tasteful in an artistic way. During my search, I came across Lolo’s Boudoir and went through the website line by line. I looked at every photo and fell in love with the artful way Lone had captured the beauty in these women. The more I read the more I realized she was the one. Later that day, I got brave and picked up the phone to get more details and ask my questions. Lone was so easy to talk to and knew exactly where I was coming from. Talking to her got me even more excited and I began imagining what costumes and poses I wanted to do for the shoot. This was my gift to myself and I wanted nothing but perfection.

The shoot day came before I knew it. This I had not shared with anyone. It was my little birthday secret. I quietly packed the pieces I wanted to work with the night before. I was nervous but yet excited. Lone had it all planned. We did the outdoor shots in a very discrete way. When we came back to the boudoir the make-up artist was ready to do my hair and make-up. I truly felt beautiful.

During the almost 5 hour photo shoot, Lone was a true artist and amazing to work with. She knew all the right angles and I could see she was a perfectionist just like me. Lone had a way of making me feel comfortable and at ease. She allowed me to be playful but yet natural. She captured the elegance and the beauty I had lost touch with. Being a mother of two, I never thought I would ever feel like a model or a beauty queen. Not that it was ever my intention but I felt like a super model for half a day and I really enjoyed being pampered and fussed over.

About three weeks later we met again and I went through the photographs one by one. I smiled and giggled and perhaps blushed at times but I was pleased beyond my expectations. Thank you so much Lone, for being so creative and a true artist. You allowed me to be shy but still sexy. Now I can always remember me at 40. I recommend Lolo’s Boudoir to every woman, no matter the age. We all deserve to be pampered and fussed over. Be confident, show off your curves, I did.