Love and Adoration

Powerful shifts in life happen when you realize that the relationship to you is the most important to honor, relish and nurture. Michelle shares:

“What started out to be a present for a boyfriend, ended up being the BEST gift I have ever given myself. I gave myself me all wrapped up in beautiful photos taken by Lone. Let me start by telling you in the past 42 years, I have never once even liked myself in the mirror, let alone in pictures. I was that woman that saw every little minute flaw and decided that a “maybe” decent picture was ruined because of that flaw.

Lone was sweet, kind, daring, and compassionate towards me from the moment I arrived to her studio. I was so nervous, anxious and kept thinking what am I doing here and who do I think I am taking these kinds of pictures. Lone saw beyond all my insecurities and gave me permission to play, experiment and above all, enjoy myself as a woman.


I absolutely LOVE my photos!!! I have never felt more beautiful in my entire life. But more than that, I felt seen, really truly seen as the woman I am today. I can honestly say that my pictures are sexy, mysterious, candid, mischievous, and raw. Lone was able to pull out the playful side of me, as well as the sexy woman that has been buried deep down for years. In my favorite picture, she captured me, my soul, the true me. My eyes say it all. I finally understand wholeheartedly that saying “eyes are the windows to your soul”.

I was so proud of my pictures that I actually shared them with my family and friends which is something that I never do. I can honestly say that since I have seen the pictures that I walk taller, feel a sense of purpose everyday and always feel sexier.

Thank you for giving me myself back.