Daring To See One Self

Yekaterina is a wonderful example of a woman who doesn’t fit the mainstream media ideals, but has embraced her body, her beauty, in a bold and honest and playful way.

She says: Distracting oneself from the reality of that whom you’ve become is a common practice. Yet, to truly see oneself is to embrace all that you have become as a person.

My life has been a whirlwind and I can’t remember the last time I looked in the mirror to actually see myself.

Whatever imperfections and flaws you think you have, ignoring them completely is the most painless way of dealing with them. But when you are too afraid to look at yourself for fear of seeing flaws, you also stop seeing all that is good and beautiful as well.

That’s what happened to me; whenever I look at old photos or my reflection in the storefront window I always focus on what I find to be disproportional, unattractive or not as well hidden as I would like.

So I started avoiding looking at myself in any meaningful way. I brush my teeth, put on makeup, and get dressed without ever really seeing myself in the mirror.

The most rewarding part of this photo experience was that it forced me to take the time and think about who I am and how I look at myself as a whole (rather than sum of the two or three parts I dislike most).

This was the hardest and most rewarding part of the shoot. The anticipation of seeing the photos filled me with equal parts excitement and dread. For weeks I imagined ow the outcome might look.

When I finally got to hold the finished work in my hands, I was delighted. What I saw was not a series of flaws, but a stunning photograph of the woman I’ve always wanted to be. Lone had not only managed to capture me, she captured my true, authentic reflection, and feeling inside.