Comfortable in My Own Skin

For Lily, what started as an engagement present for her fiance, became a soulful journey for herself…

“I’ve always secretly wanted to do this but was too shy or felt silly if it was just for myself. So getting married presented the perfect ‘excuse’…

What surprised me the most was the nude series… it was taken later in the day after a few sexy wardrobe changes which I felt more or less silly about but tried to pull it together with my best sexy face. When the time came to strip it all, my mind did something I did not expect. It stopped thinking or talking.

It was as if the movie set (in my head) went silent and everyone left the room. I did not worry about being sexy, or bold, where to put my hand, how to tilt my head or draw on any inner image of how to be. I was just me, there, completely naked and artful. I was fully aware of my entire body and placing my arm, legs & body became completely natural without any direction or criticism from the mind.

I was very glad Lone was able to capture that magical moment, it was completely unique and one of a kind experience for me. Every direction from her was effortless to execute because my mind did not interfere. My mind was at peace & I felt completely beautiful with every curve. I became an art study of the body rather than the vixen I was trying to channel earlier in the day, which still makes me giggle today.

Thank You Lily, for reminding us that it’s possible to feel utterly, simply at peace in our very own skin.