Aging, Gracefully

By Lone: My mother came to visit recently, and it was wonderful to show her more of my world and be creative together. We got messy with oil paints in my kitchen, she did figure drawings of me, and I photographed her.

Isn’t she beautiful?

The portrait below reminds me of the way she looked in her wedding photos, some 40 years ago.

Though the idea had been seeded as a way to celebrate her 60th birthday, two years prior, she was still nervous about being photographed. But with little time to think too much, we dove in, and it was a lot of fun to work with her. She had her own ideas what she wanted to do and express, and yet she was very open to what would occur.

Between the experience and waiting to see her photos, she was musing about her experience, using words like: crossing boundaries, being revealed, taking off one image (clothing as uniform) to express another, more essential part of herself, trying on various styles of clothing to discover what resonates, and a lot of laughter, even forgetting oneself for moments.

Seeing the photos, she was also astounded to discover that she is still beautiful, sensual and able to let loose. She said,

“Best as I was feeling the dread of aging and facing people around me who seem to expect ‘older’ women to be more serious than flamboyant, Lone invited me into her joyous universe for a photo session. Here I reconnected with my joy and ability to play and express myself. The pictures show me that I am still a beautiful and many-faceted woman. This gift I carry along with me as I continue to live my life, aging gracefully, sensually.”

And this gift, I carry along with me, too, along with the experience of being “seen” (drawn) by her. More about that next.