Re-enchant your life. 

Since 2004, Lolo’s Boudoir has been offering women liberation and self-discovery though photo play, writing, story salons and creative retreats. In the boudoir, you may dress up, dress down, drop the metaphorical corset, get down with the untamed, dance with your desire and meet yourself in the mirrors of your imagination. Here you are free to be who you are and wish to be(come). 

We dwell in permission, possibility and play. 

Our aim is your awakening – to your skin, your heart, your strength, your freedom. Give your inner life and symbols expression. Bring curiosity and a sense of adventure. Expect to feel, laugh, blush & take leaps.

We make art of and for you. 

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Spring 2019 Travel Schedule:

San Francisco Bay Area - Fall Oct-Nov. Paris April 12 - 15. Denmark Regularly.


Embody is based on Lone Mørch’s intimate photographic encounters with hundreds of Danish and American women from 17 to 95. In her quest for a woman's complicated truth, she captures the startling interplay between the seer and the seen, as they encounter the light and shadow in their bodies, minds and psyches. In photos and prose, Embody lets you be voyeur to women's private thoughts and motives as they seek the freedom to see and to be seen. 

Most photography of women has been dominated by the male gaze; in this book women look at themselves. Phil Cousineau calls the book "... a healing vision for a wounded world." 

Want my personal dedication? Buy it here. Embody ships worldwide. It’s available in many stores in Denmark. In the U.S. you can order it at Book Passage.

Can it be a therapeutic experience to have your picture taken in the nude? Watch award-winning author Lone Mørch's talk from TEDxAarhus 2018 about the liberating power of the lens and the process by which we find the courage to see and be seen.
Behind-the-scenes on Lone Morch's new book Embody and her photographic encounters with hundreds of women of all ages and stages of life through the past 14 years. More info on photography and the book: