Welcome to My World,

My name is Lone Mørch, I'm an award-winning author, artist, speaker and creative soul. I conjure and capture the female experience - in words, pictures, films. 

The Red Caravan above is a perfect metaphor for my way – a sense of journey and discovery, a story waiting to unfold, and always with a touch of freedom.

Red is: love, lust, fire, fury, danger, blood, sacrifice and the sacred marriage of feminine and masculine. Red is an activated soul, a passionate pursuit of aliveness, an unfolding of all the facets of who you are (becoming). Red is honest.

Red beckons expression. Red makes us blush. Red is liberation. 

This, the spirit you'll find in my writing, photography, talks and creative endeavors. It is also the qualities I bring to the work we do together. Be it photographic explorations, mentoring, creative journeys or intimate story salons, I enjoy inspiring others to create vital stories and visions to step into, and possibly be transformed by. 

"When the soul wants an experience, she throws an image out front so that you can step into it."  Meister Eckhart

About Lone Mørch, short and sweet.

Lone Mørch is an award-winning author, photographer. speaker and teacher. Born in Denmark, she's traveled the world, living and working in Europe, Asia and America—a path that has given her a profound sense of freedom and understanding of the influence of culture on female identity and possibility.

Themes of female symbolism, archetypes and autonomy are central in her work as as she explores the crossroads between veils, words, art, politics, body and self. The founder of Lolo’s Boudoir, she's photographed hundreds of women since 2004, helping them transform their self-images and reconnect to their bodies and personal power. 

Lone has been featured in InStyle, Cosmopolitan, Photographers Magazine, San Francisco Chronicle, The Examiner Modern Love, East Bay Express, 7x7 Magazine and in Danish magazines such as Femina, Nova, Kiwi, B.T and Q. Her own writing has been featured in The San Francisco Chronicle, The Huffington Post, Magical Blend Magazine, Nepal Expat Magazine, Nyt Aspect, Nova, Samvirke and anthologies such as To Nepal With Love (2013) and Nothing But the Truth, So Help Me God (2012). 

Her memoir, Seeing Red, tells the story of her spiritual quest sparked at the sacred Mt. Kailas in the Himalayas, and her subsequent decade in America––as wife, woman and creative spirit–trying to make sense of her own relationship to the sacred, to personal power and the sacrifices required to live an honest life attuned to one’s soul and core values. It has won the Tanenbaum Literary Award, Honorary Mention at the San Francisco Book Festival, and the Bronze Medal in the 2013 Readers’ Favorite Book Awards. 


Unveiled (working title) is her second book. Based upon a decade of photographing women it chronicles the intimate encounter between her and hundreds of women in photos and behind-the-scene anecdotes. It shared what the photographs alone cannot—that undressing is an act of shedding stories of doubt and shame to stand as a natural woman, free in body and spirit.

In her prior life, she holds a Masters Degree from Aalborg University in Political Science and Change, has worked as development associate with Care Nepal, team manager for the Kaospilot University and media producer at Ideagarden productions in San Francisco.

She splits her time between USA and Europe. Learn more here: www.lonemorch.com

"I was introduced to Lone Mørch through her collaboration with Sharon Lyon in Burgundy France in 2013.  At the time, I was aware of her work in assisting women connect with their awakened essence – inner and outer – through her photography.  She was an instrumental facilitator in the integration and re-awakening of my life-long partner, Colleen. In the development of our friendship, I learned that while Lone’s public accolades in the use of the camera as a mirror to the soul are well known, she is exceptionally capable of allowing her presence to hold the gentle space in which the true exposure of essential beauty and challenges can be examined.  While I have yet to be seen through Lone’s camera lens, I have been richly blessed by her re-imagining of my being – a state far more naked than merely being devoid of clothes.  Lone’s stark black and white images bely her true genius – the elucidation of the subtle tones of life’s grays!" – Dr. David Martin, Executive Chairman and Founder of M•CAM, Inc., and Breathing Enterprise. He expresses his in the award-winning film Future Dreaming.

"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes." - Marcel Proust ...................Your Journey Begins here >>