Hello, I'm Lone,

I'm an award-winning author, photographer and speaker, and I love to conjure, capture and express the female journey and experience - in words, pictures, films - yours and mine. 

I'm also an adventurous spirit, and I live with a sense of journey and discovery, a story waiting to unfold, and always with a touch of freedom. 

I'm interested in female identity and autonomy, what shapes us, what we hold sacred,  how we see ourselves and want to be seen, what is alive beneath the skin, and what happens when we drop the popular storyline, the glossy life style images of success and the mainstream, formulaic life strategies promotes in our culture.  

Dare we meet the untamed, unsaid, unseen, uncensured in ourselves? Dare we unleash what feels wild, alive, a little scary into our lives? Dare we stand up for and be seen for who we are? How can we remain free spirits in a fearful world? 

This is what my life and work is about. This is also the qualities and inquiries you'll find in my writing, photography, talks and creative mentoring. I look forward to inspiring you to create your own red, vital stories and visions to step into, and possibly be transformed by. 

About my background

Over the past 25 years, I’ve been living and working in Europe, Asia and America and had the opportunity to engage with different types of projects, places and people - a path that’s given me a profound sense of personal freedom, a rich, multi-cultural perspective and insight into women's identities and possibilities around the world. 

I like to joke that I was a child in Denmark, came of age in Nepal and grew up in America. In Denmark, University studies gave me a formal structure to lead projects from idea to execution and understand theories of politics and change. Young and inspired, I went to Nepal as a development associate with Care International and helped local organizations take charge of their own development. Meanwhile, my own identity matured, as I was tested amid the wild landscape and sacred culture of the Himalayas, and my value for the inner life began to take shape. Work brought me to America, love kept me there, and for the past 16+ years, I’ve come to know myself as a working artist, exploring identity, womanhood, spirituality and cultural and personal transformation through writing, photography and film in San Francisco. 


In 2004 I founded Lolo's Boudoir and since, more than a 1000 women of all ages and stages of life have sought my lensview to unveil and express their innermost selves. My book Embody: Intimate Photographic Encounters With Women (Publish date Feb 2018) shares our story in photos and prose.

I’ve written personal essays for Danish, American and Nepalese magazines, newspapers and blogs. My stories have appeared in anthologies and in 2012 I published my intimate memoir Seeing Red: A Woman's Quest for Truth, Power and the Sacred – and my soul-baring quest for liberation. Climbing both inner and outer mountains, it takes you to the holy Mt. Kailas in Tibet, through marriage in San Francisco, and into the arms of the fierce goddess Kali in Kathmandu. 


My work and words have been featured in InStyle, Cosmopolitan, Photographers Magazine, San Francisco Chronicle, The Examiner Modern Love, East Bay Express, 7x7 Magazine and in Danish magazines such as Femina, Nova, Kiwi, B.T and Q. Her own writing has been featured in The San Francisco Chronicle, The Huffington Post, Magical Blend Magazine, Nepal Expat Magazine, Nyt Aspect, Nova, Samvirke and anthologies such as To Nepal With Love (2013) and Nothing But the Truth, So Help Me God (2012).


A few other things about me: I've climbed mountains, rafted rivers, and dug my car out of a landslide. Once I got hitched by Elvis in Las Vegas. I have an accordion I'd love to play (but can't). I have lived long enough to travel the world before internet and smart phones, for which I'm eternally grateful. I am romantic and love surprises. Dance is my prayer. Paris my salvation. "The road" often feels most like home. Deep encounters nourish me. I am devoted to the journey, wherever it takes me, and staying attuned to the muses. I have a thing with old-fashioned mobiles. My heart beats for a more just, free and beautiful world.

What would you like to do? 

I offer photo sessions, speaking and intimate salons and occasional workshops. Since I split my time between USA and Europe, please check in for my travel and booking schedules. For inspiration, events, offers sign up for my newsletter below. You can learn more about my universe and offerings at lonemorch.com.

I look forward to exploring and creating with you.